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Quote(s) of the Day

February 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment

At a protest of President Obama:

They held their signs up high: “Don’t tread on me,” “Spend all you want, I’ll pick up the tab,” “I’ll keep my freedom! You keep the change!” “Free fertility drugs now.” And “B.O. smells and so does Socialism.”

A Gilbert woman, with a sign that said, “Fund bikini wax now,” said she is entitled to the beauty treatment.

“It’s a self-esteem issue and hygiene issue, which makes it a health care issue. I think we’re all entitled,” said the woman in jest. She only gave the name JoAnne, because she is skipping work.

Ha!  What’s sad is that it’s so true.  You can justify any government boondoggle once you link self-esteem and health care.

Maybe the most interesting thing, though, is her absence from work.  When people skip work to march in the street complaining that government isn’t giving them enough “free” stuff, they’re easy to mollify, ignore, and/or consider that they either hate their job or are lying about having one.

But when people risk being fired by leaving their job to insist that the government not give them any more “help,” and just leave them the hell alone, that’s when that government ought to be worried.

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