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Lie, Cheat, and Steal – It’s the Ron Paul Way!

April 25th, 2012 · 61 Comments

I recently received an E-mail from a disaffected Ron Paul supporter that Nevada Paul Campaign Chair Carl Bunce recently sent out to his supporters.  The long and the short of it is that it’s a battle plan which encourages Paul folks to lie to pollsters to “fool” the Romney campaign, in order to make it easier to shock-‘n’-awe their way to a Ron Paul National Convention slate.  It’s full of paranoia about information control (Hah!  Fail!) and secrecy, with a nice dab of Personality Cult for Doctor Paul.

Well, secret’s out, you dishonest goofballs.  Everyone knows your game.

I’ve already detailed how these people have no respect for elections, the express will of an electorate, or anyone’s liberty except their own.  Bunce signs his E-mails “In Liberty” – what a bunch of bullcrap.  (I guess it’s kind of like how they call it the “People’s Republic.”)  This E-mail provides ample proof that these people don’t care about winning elections or building majorities, but simply want to throw temper tantrums like entitled babies, all the while thinking they’re oh so clever.  They don’t just think they’re entitled to vote, they think they have some God-given entitlement to win every election just because they showed up!  Honestly – they’re much, much more akin to Occupy Wall Street hippies than any recognizable brand of libertarianism or conservatism.

Don’t these people realize that if they had a winning message, they wouldn’t have the need for all the secrecy?  Don’t they see what hypocrites they look like when they cry about dishonesty and lack of transparency in government?  And remember, this isn’t just some independent Paul supporter.  This IS the Ron Paul campaign, and Ron Paul himself is directly responsible for it.  Either the Congressman is blind to these types of shenanigans, or he endorses it.  Which is it, Good Doctor?  Will you renounce this assault on actual liberty being perpetuated in your name?  There’s certainly nothing “libertarian” about any of this.

Nevada Republicans were promised by their Central Committee that their caucus votes would be proportionally binding all the way through the first round of voting at the national convention.  I have to wonder – if these Paul people wind up going to the national convention, will they honor that promise?  Or will they just openly betray the Nevadans they claim to want to represent?

Just remember this – people willing to lie, cheat, or steal in order to get power will lie, cheat and steal once they’re in power.  Even if you find Paul’s platform compelling, after this there’s no way you could trust he’d follow through with any of it.


Speaking of lying, cheating, and stealing, I wonder if our new state party chair Michael McDonald will try to crack down on this nonsense.  He’s certainly painted himself in a corner.  If he stands up to these petty thugs, he’ll lose his entire base of support.  If he stand with the thugs, the convention will be a national embarrassment to make 2008 look like a garden party, and the 81% of Nevada Republicans who DIDN’T support Ron Paul will take their time and energy elsewhere.

It almost – almost – makes me sorry I’m going to miss the fireworks.  I can only hope the ensuing chaos will finally put an end to this perennial nonsense.

I honestly and truly want to see a single Ron Paul supporter justify this nonsense, or explain how – even if this plan succeeds and Ron Paul upsets Mitt Romney on the convention floor to be the GOP nominee against Obama – Paul could go to the general election with a single shred of legitimacy.


Here’s the E-mail in its entirety.  Enjoy!



I just want to remind you that the Romney Campaign is working with a pollster company to poll identified Nevada State Delegates. They are mostly doing this to identify whom actually supports Mitt Romney and planning on attending the Nevada State Convention on May 5th. They are also able to see the strength of Dr. Paul as well if you answer truthfully on these polls. So please be aware this is giving vital information to our opponent if you answer truthfully.

I have received several of these calls because I have kept declining to answer any questions. I fear they will continue to call you until you finally submit some type of answer to them. I suggest that you say you support Mitt Romney on Question 1 and that you are attending the State Convention on Question 2. These answers will give them a false sense of strength in the process moving forward.

So far the numbers that I have received the calls from are 202-367-9922 and 425-658-8994. The recording says they are a Poltical Research Group or something like that, but there is zero question that these calls are being paid for by the Romney Campaign or an extension of it.

National Delegate Election:

If you have not cast your ballot for National Delegates yet, please do so in the next couple weeks. We will have to reduce the election period by a week, ending on April 24th, in order to call the National Delegates and make sure they are still able to attend that State and National Conventions and have the needed resources to do so, if they do not we will make needed adjustments to have a full slate for May 5th.

We Have created an online Forum That you Must create an account to access on . Any Delegate Nominee that wishes to post their information, picture, or resume online here is welcome to do in their specific Congressional District forum for other state delegates who create accounts to view and comment on.

Please use your real names to create your accounts so we can monitor who has access to the information our nominees are posting. Any name that is not an indentfied Paul supporter will have their account closed.

Just Click the Register link in the upper left Corner to get Started. .

Online Balloting Platform Access
<< First Name >> << Last Name >>

Username: << Email Address >>

Password: << password >>
Do not forward this email to anyone or your ballot may compromised by another person.

Remember that attending the State Convention is paramount for Dr. Paul to succeed. The balloting process will capture thousands of votes in the coming weeks and will entrust the individuals that made ??the most impact in the process with the honor of representing Nevada for Dr. Ron Paul at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

In Liberty,
Carl Bunce
Nevada Chairman
PS Please respond directly to this email if you have questions about the online balloting process.

Clark County Headquarters
19 S. Stephanie St., Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89012



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