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Secret Revolutionary E-mails!

October 25th, 2011 · 2 Comments

The following E-mails were secretly sent around to a small minority of Nevada Republican Central Committee members, in an attempt to “take over” the party apparatus.  Ironically, the thing they claim to be upset about is a lack of transparency.

In the future, I hereby challenge each and every NRCC member to ensure these are available to ALL members of the NRCC, every registered Republican in the state, and indeed in the media at large.  Certainly if there are changes that should be made within our leadership, the reasons for those changes should be known to all, as far in advance as possible.  And if there are future plans by a group within the party to adjust its direction, I think those plans should be announced publicly as well.

So in the name of that transparency, of shining a light on those who would make decisions on your behalf, please enjoy.  These have been unaltered and unedited, except to remove the names of the folks who forwarded them to me.  There’s more out there – if you, like me, believe in transparency, please send them along!


“Tea Party West” E-mail, frustrated that staff hiring decisions aren’t made via 300 person committee:

Observations, Viewpoints and Facts NRP Central Committee Issues
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Robert Ruckman

Observations, Viewpoints and Facts NRP Central Committee Issues

by Robert Ruckman – President Tea Party West

Issue 1: Agenda Order

The current agenda has new business and announcements at the end of the meeting. There is also a time limit of only 20 minutes for new business. Considering the magnitude and deluge of emails, commentary, responses, potential rules violations and a lack of transparency to issues 2, 3, 4 and others; new business is the only place to make motions and to discuss these issues, share information and establish our party’s direction.


  • A motion will be made to move New Business to the start of the meeting immediately after the Pledge and Invocation.I will move the following:

“That ‘New Business’ be placed on our Agenda for today’s Central Committee meeting (NRCC 10/22/2011) as the first item of business after the Pledge of Allegiance/Invocation, and that no time restrictions be placed on the Agenda item ‘New Business’.”

Issue 2: Same Day Voter Registration

It is my opinion that this is nothing more than a smokescreen for other more important issues. Why is this a non-issue.  Same day voter registration has been discussed at a multitude of past meetings of the Central Committee, platform committee workshops and county caucus meetings. Records indicate there was a show of hands vote at the State Convention – at the Green Valley Ranch; which overwhelmingly confirmed the Nevada Republican Party would not support same day registration. The discussion centered on the multitude of felony voter fraud issues perpetrated on the citizens of Nevada as well as fraud in Maryland, Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania as well as other states committed by ACORN and George Soros PAC’s.

Considering the amount of time spent and past discussion opposing this issue; any lengthy discussion at the meeting Saturday is a waste of time.


  • A motion will be made to stop the NRP E-Board members’ activities on Same Day Registration and to prevent them from taking this type of action in the future.
  • This motion will bring to a close a change in direction by the current sitting board, which have not followed the memberships specific direction.
  • Reaffirm the promises for transparency.
  • Call for a vote and get it done.
  • This should take less than 5 minutes.

Issue 3: Caucus and Convention

I have had a large number of people who have called and asked me to explain why our Nevada Caucus for Clark County has been moved to January. They have also wanted to know why we are losing 50% of our delegates. There is a lot of confusion about this issue and it goes back to the root problem of a lack of information and transparency on issues which have a huge impact on Nevadans.


  • A motion to have specific documentation presented about the issues and then discussion and a vote to make certain Nevada gets to keep all of our delegates.

Issue 4: NRP E-Board Contracts and Transparency

There have been a number of contracts executed and consultants retained by the current board. This former county Chairman and current NRP Central Committee member has not seen any published documentation relative to these items.

  • There has not been a published comparison of contracts for membership review and input.
  • There has not been a published comparison of consultants’ qualifications, their responsibilities and quantifiable deliverables, for currently retained or hired consultants.
  • There has been no public discussion of possible options or even recommendations by the NRP Chairman and board members.
  • There has not been a formal cost benefit analysis published, no budget, no measurable goals.
    • Just saying our goal is to “…Just elect Republicans..” is not good enough today.
    • Quite a number of “.Republicans..” are acting and voting like Progressive Socialist Liberals.
    • We need to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of consultants, contracts, companies, voter registration programs and get out the vote programs so we avoid doing the same ineffective programs over and over.
  • Written Disclosure of all political associations and affiliations, campaign donations, election campaign efforts and professional associations. – i.e. attorney, CPA, Consultant, Party Registrations, PAC’s and organizations like “Republicans for Reid”.


I am asking for your vote for these candidates.

  • Vice Chair – James Smack
  • Treasurer – Michael J. Bertrand
  • Secretary – Jim DeGraffenreid
Copyright © 2011 Robert Ruckman, All rights reserved.
Clark County Republican Party members and Constitutional Conservatives
Our mailing address is:

Robert Ruckman

6445 Palmyra Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89146


“After Action Report”, declaring victory against the overwhelmingly re-elected party chair.

—–Original Message—–

Subject: Fwd: Nevada State Central Committee Meeting – 10/22/2011

Hey Everyone:

I attended the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) meeting on Saturday, October 22, 2012. It was a very good meeting, with spirited debate. Below, is what I took notes on and is NOT everything that happened. I present this e-mail to all of you (some of you were in attendance, some were not) for informational purpose only. This e-mail is NOT intended to replace the minutes of the meeting, nor does it list all that occurred. I am only listing the most important items, in my opinion, for the sake of brevity.

When we arrived at the meeting, our meeting packet had in it a sheet of paper titled, “Nevada Republican Party Meeting. The following rules shall be in effect for the conduct of the meeting.” There were 7 rules, of which, rule #1 Motions, sentence #2 caused a spirited debate. This rule stated that ALL motions, execpt for matters of procedure, have to be in writing and submitted to the NRCC Secretary. At all other NRCC meetings, motions have been allowed from the floor without ALL of them having to be in writing. Why the sudden change to ALL motions? Could it be that the Chairman and the Executive Board wanted to stifle any motions from the floor regarding same day voter registration? To stifle any motions from the floor regarding the change of the 2012 Presidential Caucus date from Feb 18th to Jan. 14th?

After attempts by the NRCC Chairman Amy Tarkanian to ignore NRCC members who approached the microphone to protest this unexpected rules list by saying she was “moving on with the agenda,” “we’ll be here all day, lets move on”, she finally backed down and a motion was made to have Meeting Rule #1 Motions, sentence #2 to be removed from the rules. The motion passed by a voice vote.

This is an example of the membership taking charge of their Party, and making their Party represent them!

The Agenda for this meeting had “New Business” listed at the end of the meeting scheduled for 4:25p.m.The Agenda also listed the meeting to be adjourned at 4:35 p.m. How convenient. Maybe many people will leave and there won’t be a quorum to bring up any New Business? A motion was made to have new business moved up to just after the Agenda was adopted. It was explained by the Parliamentarian that the Agenda had to be adopted first, then it could be amended, which was done. The vote on the motion to amend the Agenda to move New Business up was so close on a voice vote, that I called for a “division of the house,” which meat that a show of hands for or against this motion had to be taken. After a show of hands, the motion to move New Business up passed by a vote of 118 to 100. Not everyone voted on this issue, because we hand more members present per the initial Credentials Committee report, which had reported 255 eligible voters.

This is an example of the membership taking charge of their Party, and making their Party represent them!

Under New Business, the following happened:

The issue of same day voter registration was brought up, even though the State Chairman, Amy Tarkanian, tried to stop it from being brought up. Her reason was that the issue has already been settled. She claimed that the issue of same day voter registration is off the table. Many of the members of the NRCC were NOT willing to accept that. A motion was made that same day voter registration cannot be allowed at our 2012 Presidential caucus, and that the Executive Board of the NRCC cannot, I repeat CANNOT, in any way shape or form do anything to implement/promote same day voter registration at our 2012 Presidential caucus without consulting the NRCC membership! This passed by voice vote.

This is an example of the membership taking charge of their Party, and making their Party represent them!

The issue of the 2012 Presidential Caucus date was brought up by the Chairman herself and discussed. Prior to this meeting there was great sentiment to move our Caucus date back to the original date of February 18, 2012, from the January 14, 2012 date that had been picked by the Executive Board for the purpose of moving Nevada ahead of Florida, who had moved their Caucus date up to Jan. 31, 2012. Moving up Nevada’s Caucus date to Jan. 14th would cause Nevada to loose HALF of our delegates to the Republican National Convention. This did not sit well with many of the NRCC members long before this meeting. It was viewed as an attempt by the elite, establishment politicians to keep us Tea Party/Conservatives from participating in the National Convention. The NRCC Chairman recommended that the January 14th Caucus date be moved backwards to February 4, 2012, which will allow Nevada to be the first Caucus in the west. Picking this Feb 4th date will also allow Nevada to keep ALL of their delegates to the National Convention. A motion was made and passed by a voice vote.

The last important vote of the meeting was for the election/re-election of Officers for the NRCC Executive Board. Elections were held for Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer. Per the final Credentials report, the number of eligible voters were now 288. The vote results were as follows:

Amy Tarkanian (incumbent) = 215
Ballots not marked for this office = 73
Robert Rupert, who had announced via e-mails that he would have his name placed in nomination from the floor, left the meeting before such an action could happen. When I asked other members why he left, no one seemed to know?
Michael McDonald, whose name had been placed in nomination from the floor, declined to accept. In his speech, Mr. McDonald stated that’s he’s, “…a friend of the Tarkanians and has known Danny Tarkanian since childhood.” Mr. McDonald also said, “…everyone should support our Chairman and this board.” A confidential source told me that Mr. McDonald was, “29 votes short of defeating Ms. Tarkanian and choose not to run. That he is biding his time, and will be back. You haven’t seen the last of Michael McDonald.” That’s what the source told me.

The 73 votes listed above in the Chairman race is viewed as a show of no-confidence in Amy Tarkanian’s leadership, her attempt to stifle motions, debate on motions, her attempt to move the agenda forward by attempting to ignore the NRCC members desire to bring verbal motions during today’s NRCC meeting, and her attempt to not allow the issue of same day voter registration to be brought up at this meeting.  When the vote results for Chairman were announced by the outgoing Treasurer, Dave Buell, he simply said “Amy won.” A NRCC member from Elko County stood up and demanded to know what the vote result was. Dave Buell conceded and gave the numbers. I believe it to be a shame that a member of the NRCC Ex Board would want to hide the number of ballots left blank to save Amy Tarkanian the embarassment of how many people have no confidence in her leadership.

James Smack = 162 (a Tea Party backed candidate)
Sherry Dilley (incumbent) = 126

The Vice-Chairman vote was the Tea Party/Conservatives rebelling against an Ex Board member who participated in the secret attempt earlier this year to have same day voter registration for the 2012 Presidential Caucus.

This is an example of the membership taking charge of their Party, and making their Party represent them!

Jim DeGraffenreid = 211 (a Tea Party backed candidate)
Melody Howard = 37
Betty Rumford = 36

The incumbent Secretary, Carol Del Carlo, had announced a couple of months ago that she was not seeking re-election. Ms. Del Carlo was a participant in the Ex Board is secretly trying to bring same day voter registration for the 2012 Presidential Caucus.

Michael Bertrand = 188 (a Tea Party backed candidate)
Swadeep Nigam = 63
Barry Herr = 37

The Agenda for this meeting announced that the 2012 Nevada Republican State Convention will be held May 4-5, 2012 at the Sparks Nuggett in Sparks, Nevada (up by Reno). For any information regarding our state Republican Party, go to

Also, for those of you in Clark Co., don’t forget to visit

All in all, it was a good day for the Tea Party/Conservatives and T.R.U.N.C. (Tea Party & Republicans Uniting Nevada Conservatives). Please visit We are moving our State Republican Party in the Right direction. Today, we won more battles than we lost.

Richard Engel
CCRCC Executive Board, Seat B
NRCC member



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